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Thread: anyone know this album?

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    Default anyone know this album?

    hi! im trying to find out the name of a band/song that i forgot of, i hope someone here knows about them:

    1. the cover of the album is a man with a city-like background i THINK. he wears green clothes and a hat, looks kinda like a joker.
    2. for some reason i got it in my head that the song is called "masquerade" with yngwie malmsteen as part of this group but i havent found anything anywhere about any of this. if this rings a bell please tell me, but you could probably ignore this point:D.
    3. the song has a pretty catchy bassline.
    4. think it was released around 2002 but could be very wrong here aswell.

    very vague i know but im desperate, i need to find it! any help is appriciated about where i can find this song


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    K-OS released an album titled "Exit" with a song on it called "Masquerade" - a long shot I know but he's got a hat on and wearing green - though nothing about this album says "Yngwie Malmsteen would be on this album".

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    thanks for your reply. sadly not the right band. also what im looking for is a rock band, forgot to mention that:)

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