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    I'll leave this one for the boy band people.
    Hey, just because I put 'em out here, don't mean I like 'em.
    3 tracks did creep past a hard do not like, but can't see 'em becoming a like either
    They added a remake of Just In Love with guest Lil Wayne, so they could add some dirty words.
    Joe just couldn't bring himself to sing them.

    from the album - Just In Love

    released Oct 11th, 2011

    from all music


    As frontman of the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas became a multi-platinum pop star while still in his teens. The band started off as a solo project for Joe's younger brother, Nick, who acted in several Broadway shows before signing a record contract with INO Records in 2004. Joe, who’d already done some Broadway acting of his own, helped write several songs on Nick's debut album. Those tracks eventually wound their way onto the desk of Columbia Records president Steve Greenberg, who decided to shelve Nick's solo career and promote the three Jonas siblings as a pop band instead.

    The Jonas Brothers hit pay dirt in 2007, when their self-titled second album debuted at number five during its first week. Given their good looks and tween appeal, the boys also proved to be popular on television, landing their own Disney Channel movie franchise (Camp Rock) and launching two TV shows (Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream and JONAS). Branching off, Joe scored a Top Ten hit in 2008 with "This Is Me," a duet he’d recorded with girlfriend Demi Lovato for the Camp Rock soundtrack. Two years later, he announced plans for a solo album, which arrived in 2011 with the release of Fastlife.

    Album Review

    Unlike his brother Nick Jonas, whose first solo album was an attempt to present Nick as a serious musician in the Stevie Wonder/Winwood tradition, Joe Jonas wholeheartedly embraces pop life on his own debut, 2011’s Fastlife. Filled with stomping R&B beats and smears of fat hands-in-the-air synths, aching vocals, and radio-ready production tricks, this is a record made for the clubs and the radio. Very modern clubs and radio, since unlike Nick, who looked to the '70s for inspiration, Joe looks all the way back to the 2000s and Justin Timberlake for his main inspiration. They share the same spidery vocals, love of a slinky groove, and a producer -- Danja, who worked with Timbaland on FutureSex/Love Sounds. Luckily for Joe Jonas, and anyone who buys the album, he’s not just a JT clone. Joe and his team of writers and producers put a lot of care into the sound of the record, making sure the uptempo tracks really have punch, the ballads have some grit, and the midtempo grooves have a believable amount of soul. Joe injects some personality into the sound, too, writing lyrics about heartbreak and other slightly more adult topics than he did with his brothers, and doing it with style, if not poetry. Most importantly, a large part of the album is made up of songs with big melodic and rhythmic hooks that will propel you onto the dancefloor or have you singing along. The first single, "Just in Love," is almost on par with JT's finest moments and certainly is near the top of the quality charts as far as pop music in 2011 goes. The rest of the album isn’t far behind and there are no embarrassing moments or weak tracks. In fact, the only jarring moment comes on the second version of "Just in Love," when Lil Wayne drops by and earns the parental advisory sticker. It’s not bad, just a little unnecessary. Though in fairness, JT would have done the same thing had he deigned to make a record in 2011. It’s a minor blip on an otherwise immensely entertaining and enjoyable pop record -- inspired, tons of fun, and positioning Joe Jonas as a worthy successor to Justin.

    Track Listing

    1. All This Time
    2. Just in Love
    3. See No More
    4. Love Slayer
    5. Fastlife
    6. Make You Mine
    7. Sorry
    8. Klleptomanic
    9. Not Right Now
    10. Take It and Run
    11. Lighthouse
    12. Just in Love Feat. Lil' Wayne
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    not that ive heard this album...pretty sure i never will, but....

    i feel sorry that you had to subject your ears to it MH....i also have had to listen to albums i have randomly picked as new releases that i knew i wouldnt like but hey, sometimes they do surprise me....guessing this one didnt surprise you at all?!

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