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Thread: Poll : What is (or was) the best live band?

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    John Augustin

    Default Poll : What is (or was) the best live band?

    Hi. I'm a musician looking to start up a band and would like to know what people like to hear... please vote!

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    I like a musician who is willing to look towards his/her audience and take their views into account.

    Without doing the poll I would like o hear the music which gives you pleasure and reflects the person you really are.
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    I look for the following in music.

    It must be different from the norm.

    It must have highs and lows - i.e. it must be bombastic at times and sensitive at times. The music must 'breathe' I tend to think of music as linear landscapes. The mountains are the highs and the valleys are the lows. Imagine a pencil on a constantly moving piece of paper underneath. The pencil must move up and down at the right times. If it is just staying in the 'safe' areas it's boring. (i.e. most current pop music.)

    The recording must be of a good quality. There is no excuse for it not being these days. Sophisticated recording is available on a laptop if you take the time.

    The musician must not be concerned with his/her own ego. The music is more important than the personality. This obviously flies in the face of current trends where it's all about marketing and how often you appear on TV and in magazines but I am hoping music will get back to the point where the listener creates his/her own interpretation of what the music means (i.e. a creative participant even though they don't even realise it) as opposed to being force-fed mindless MTV-type junk. More focus on the sound than the hype/visuals accompanying it.

    The musician should ideally have the idea in their heads before they start. The 'we'll make it up as we go along brigade' don't hold any water with me.

    Being wierd for wierd's sake does not work either.

    Over and out.....
    'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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