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Thread: My composition , what do you think ?

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    Default My composition , what do you think ?

    Hi guys!I started to compose music for my band at home with my pc alone .My girlfriends is doing the vocals.We called our band Friends .

    this is my song

    What do you think ?

    Sadly this is not a website for self promotion , therefore your link has been removed
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    I understand that this site is not the place for self promotional materials, especially if that is the only reason you sign up. However as far as the song goes, I am not a fan of this type of music anyway, but I can see that it is pretty well done and good for this genre of music.
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    A small tip - if you want to get exposure, get a distinctive name. What do you think people are going to find if they google 'Friends' - you guessed it - The TV sitcom. Pick a name unlike any other. Same is true of your login - who on earth is going to look for 'bodeacostin'! Once you're famous you can call yourself whatever you like - just like the Purple Rain bloke. I think his name is now '!"!"$(' or something like that. His receptionist must be in therapy by now. It's easier to learn Xoi-San than try and pronounce this. And if this was in braille it would be equivalent to 'alphabet soup'.
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    Default hello pals

    like he said,firstly the name of the band,really means alot to wee the people u gonna throw the chords at.
    i feel like u need pull a diffferent sounding band name,yu can think of them,like home chords,implying were u begun from.anything,i feel it u will nail the industry.nice time

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