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Thread: not sure if the group is all female but the vocals are all female

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    Default not sure if the group is all female but the vocals are all female

    In 2004 from time to time I would hear a group of ladies singing on the Muzac channel that we had at the Grocery store that I worked at for a while. I inquired from Muzac as to who they were but to no avail. one song I could not get the lyrics to because the soloist was singing too low but as the rest of the girls joined in they would emulate the sound of what would best be described as trumpets. they harmonized beautifully. there were only two songs played by this group on that particular muzac station both had a light jazzy sound to them, the rest of the music was mostly a mixture of light rock and general elevator music. the one song that I vaguely remember pertained to a couple where the man was apparently cheating and the lady turns the table on him, so to speak, and the words that i remember are I guess the theme: "Whats the matter sweet love" or "sweet love whats the matter." either way you can't Google or You Tube these words and find them.if anybody has a clue please let me know.

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    I'm not sure but I might know which song you mean, but is it the same one with a girl or girls singing, what's the matter, what's the matter, it's just the beau, just the beau,, or something like that.

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