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    PRIMUS "naugahyde".

    i cant believe this...i was just posting about these guys last week and what studio albums members can recommend to me, and low and behold they have a new one out now! without hesitation i clicked on the aol link and put on my headphones.

    cdwow overview:

    Prawn Song are excited to announce that Primus will be releasing its first studio album in 11 years on September 12, 2011. Titled Green Naugahyde, the record was produced and engineered by Les Claypool in his personal studio, Rancho Relaxo, in Northern California, and features Claypool, long-time guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Jay Lane. Lane was in an early lineup of the band, and was also in Sausage, a 1994 reunion of the 1988 Primus lineup. Green Naugahyde expands on Primus incomparable sound and also sees them bringing it into the next millennium. It is a cerebral and complex album that, like all of the band s output, is teeming with the band s signature blend of whimsy and underlying darkness. Says Claypool, If I were to look at all of our records, it seems like this is reminiscent of the early stuff. Obviously, with Jay there s a newness to it, but because he left the band right before we recorded our first record, his approach has an eerie harkening to the old Frizzle Fry days. For the past 27 years, Primus have followed in the footsteps of boundary-pushing artists like Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd to create some of the most original and inventive music in existence. Green Naugahyde is a Primus record with all of the magic and mystery that phrase entails and while no one can say for sure what the future will hold in store for the band, the most important thing is that the album exists and will inevitably hold its own in the band s impressive cannon of music.

    "allmusic" overview".
    by Gregory Heaney

    With that rare combination of virtuosity and humor, Primus have always been able to push the envelope creatively without ever falling victim to the kind of navel-gazing that can plague more prog-oriented bands, making them turn inward until there’s nothing left but theory. On its seventh studio album, Green Naugahyde, the band continues this tradition with a collection of songs that are both technically dazzling and perfectly irreverent. In a lot of ways, the album feels like Primus are getting back to basics, with songs like “Hennepin Crawler” immediately evoking the directness of Frizzle Fry. This is in part thanks to drummer Jay Lane, who helped to shape Primus' sound before they made their debut (and also played in Sausage with Claypool and early Primus guitarist Todd Huth). In a way, Lane’s reunion with Primus helps to freshen up their sound by taking it back to where it was in the band's strongest era, recapturing the magic of those earlier albums in a way that evokes them without feeling like he’s ripping them off. While fans might be disappointed that the album doesn’t feature “Herb” Alexander, they’ll have a hard time being disappointed with Green Naugahyde, an album that will satisfy those in the know while continuing, as Primus always have, to baffle the uninitiated.

    my take on the album:

    i only know several of these guys singles and i have not had a chance to hear the cd's i have bought yet, but my take on this album after one listen is...
    i find it a good funky grooved sounding disc full of infectious rythms and beats,
    the lyrics are full of humour and yet seem quite intelligent at the same time,
    i would say the overall sound of this one is a subtle blend of Cake and Sonic Youth(i could be wrong but those artists came to mind when listening!).
    of the thirteen tracks there are four that i dont like, six that are good and three that i love which gives the album a solid rating of 1.9 on the Music Head rating system.

    from the album,my three favourites!:

    "lee van cleef" *** audio

    "eternal consumption engine" *** audio

    "tragedy's-a-comin'" *** audio

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    I checked it out on Spotify, after a few songs in I think I'll stick with Sailing the Sea of Cheese.
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