RECKLESS KELLY "good luck and true love"

just heard this one,apparently,according to "" these guys from Austin Texas are classed as "alternative"???? what a load of crap!, this is basically a country album.
i didnt know it but these guys have released eight albums prior to this latest release.
all in all ten tracks here...and the album started off real bad for me with the first three tracks being ones i did not like. other people may like them but im not a fan of country/pop crossover tunes....its gotta be one or the other IMO and the two dont mix in my books.
the album did pick up from there though starting with track four(she likes money,he likes love) which starts off with a few seconds of backwards guitar before launching into some real nice americana rock and roll!!
from there the album takes a swift turn back towards country music, complete with mandolins and violins in places. the themes of these country sounding songs are not your usual beer drinking,heartbreak,car songs...well one is and i can get past those cliches on one song for the good of the album.
dont think i would buy this album but overall it is quite respectable with a first listen rating of 1.7.

from the album:

i never liked st.valentine ** live