PAJAMA CLUB "pajama club" 2011,cd.

never heard of these guys?....yes you have!...its the latest project by Neil Finn(best known for his work in Crowded House)!

ive had this one for about a week now and listened to it intently for obvious a big fan of The Finn's!

this album started its life in Neil's home studio over a period of a coupe of weeks earlier this year with just him and his wife Sharon playing around jamming and enjoying a glass or two of red!

it has a very modern yet familliar feel to the tracks(not in the sense of feeling like CH songs but more a catchy simple feel).
some of these songs have a distinct retro 1980s feel to them, Peter Gabriel's sound comes to mind immediately along with the female backing vocalists from Human League in Sharon Finn's monotone vocals.
there seem to be a lot of similarities also to the White Stripes simplistic beaty album tracks, thus Neil and Sharon's vocals have that same offbeat feel to those of Meg and Jack White.
but with all this name dropping i am doing this is not just Finn copying what has come before, it is just him having fun in the studio and that translates onto disc very well.
it is well worth a listen even if you are not a fan of his previous material because there is little resemblance to anything he has released previously in his 35+ year career.

from the album:

from a friend to a friend video

tell me what you want video(vevo)

these are conditions live