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Thread: The J. Arthur Keenes Band

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    Lightbulb The J. Arthur Keenes Band

    For those of you who don't know, chipmusic is music composed and preformed on old electronic sound systems, such as NES and gameboys. This band does include these instruments, but adds guitar, vocals, and a small host of other instruments at different times. The band consists of one member: 17 year old Dan McLay from Toronto, Canada.

    Why this band is really good: The J. Arthur Keenes Band implements well constructed melodies on all instruments, somehow managing to make everything sound like it just works together. Throw in quirky, clever vocals, and a sort of mellow yet motivating sound, this band became one of my favorites instantly. It has an appeal which transcends the genre.

    Speaking of which, honestly, I'm not sure what type of music this is. I initially put it in the electronica forum because most chipmusic is such, and electronica is a fairly broad genre. But this band has a sound which could be classified under the also very broad Alternative category. Speak your mind below.

    Plus, all of his work is available for free! (And no, this isn't some cheesy testimonial for a website-the music is free because these are artists who haven't kicked off their career yet and want exposure)
    Follow the links below:

    Computer Savvy:

    (fun fact: apparently the title of this album is a synonym for grapefruit. Who knew?)

    There are also the 48 Hour EP Volumes 1-3, but they are generally of a lesser quality than the "actual" albums (he did them within 48 hours, hence the name) so I'm not going to bother finding where I found them and linking to it. For those who are still interested, I think it was on a blog or something of the sort done by the artist.
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    Be sure to repost those links when you get your ten post done. I would really like to hear them.
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