TOM RUSSELL "mesabi".

release date 6th Sept,2011.

just heard this one on 'aol' in its entirety....and wow, this just blew my mind, probably the best new album i have heard all year,and if its not the best, it is certainly the equal of Adele's "21" album!

now i never heard of Tom before, which is surprising since he has been making folky albums since approx 1974 and has even apparently written for one of my favourites in Johnny Cash amongst others.
i am not sure how this cd stands up against his previous works but in my opinion it is brilliant.
my first impressions were that it is similar to the more folky material of Springsteen not only in sound but in the lyrical content i guess The Boss fans should give this one a listen.
only two upbeat tracks on here, the first and final tracks, both of which still have a Springsteen feel. there's a great 8 and a half minute cover of Dylan's "a hard rain's a gonna fall" in full folk style, obviously not as good as His Bobness but great nevertheless.
"jai alai" has a very latino sound to it, elsewhere the remaining tracks are pure folk songs about Dylan,Liz Taylor,James Dean, actor Sterling Hayden, the tragic story of Disney child star Jim Driscoll and a tribute to Cliff "ukulele ike" Edwards.
not sure how factual the namedropping tracks are but they are still entertaining to say the least.

i rate this album the same as "allmusic" 8/10(4/5) or 2.3 on the Music Head Rating System, i did try to deduct points for each track as 2.3 seems quite high on a first listen(as MH would testify!) but i simply couldnt.

this is a class album....and now i have to go back and investigate Tom's back catalogue on the strength of this album!!!

from the album:

MESABI audio

as this is the only link available please to to the link below to hear snippets of each track!