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Thread: How do you start off a song?

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    Default How do you start off a song?

    What makes you start writing a song? Do you start with the lyrics or the music....or both?

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    Back when I made music, it could be either of the two.

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    Default with music ofcourse

    well i feel that song should start with some attracting piece of music that can make you feel indulged and engaged with a song..

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    it goes hand in hand but if i had to pick one forsure way id say music first

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    i think it depends on the mood said writer is in, its easiet to write if you are in the middle of some powerful emotions.

    for example anger, joting down what you are thinking at the time can help sooth the anger but also start a creative fire about the situation and emotion.

    at least thats the way i c it.......

    i dont really know about the music side as i have never written lyrics to any particuler tune.

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    what makes me start writing a song is either if im bored, or if i have inspiration . i usually start with the music - that way i can put a tune to whatever words i come up with :)

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    The music has to be the foundation on which to build the song so I guess..........

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    There are circumstances in which I have started off with either, though mostly my lyrics come to me in melody... When I want to write about a particular feeling I have to begin with lyrics so that I wont forget my exact trigger and will then later on find a tune based on my syllable count and so on... Sometimes little random inspirations leave me with a tune stuck in my head and so I decipher the mood and those are usually my more up beat happy songs...
    It really is up to you and what you are comfortable with in the end. There is no right or wrong in writing your own songs.
    hope that helped =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamusblonde View Post
    What makes you start writing a song? Do you start with the lyrics or the music....or both?
    My way of doing it has changes over the years, i only ever wrote lyrics before. over the last 3 years since i picked up guitar has it changed

    i sit with the guitar and i generaly have some riff to start working with and i play and hum along till i have a melody, most of the time the style, mood, tempo of the sons suggests my lyric

    i don't think there is any hard fast rules when it comes to writing but what makes me better most of all is when a became open minded to others thought on my work

    some of the simple of suggestions can make such a diffirence

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    It comes all different ways. I still journal every morning. That 'cleans out the pipes'. Then I usually sit down and write something, just move m fingers across my axe. Sometimes its practicing. Other times I'm searching for something. If it sounds good i track it, catalog it in some way, digital recorder or in the studio. I usually save it under a name that says like tempo, mood etc.

    Sometimes the journaling becomes a lyric or an idea of a lyric. Other times I sit down and write a lyric out on a specific song idea I have.

    Then I have a tune and I have a lyric. If I am stuck on lyric idea, I look in the journal. If i have a good lyric in the journal, I try and write something for it or look up something that might fit the mood.

    So it really is both ways. But I take it seriously and i search for the discipline in the writing process. To me its a business but I have made it a point not to write to sell stuff anymore. That made it backwards for me years ago when I wrote like that. If I sell something great but it works best if I just write.

    Then if during the day I hear something, I write it down somehow right away.

    All in all it doesn't matter lyrics and tunes both come first.

    Hope this helps.

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