this is the fourth album by these lads from here in Perth,Western Australia and i have a feeling that if promoted properly overseas that
it has the potential to become a huge hit....and you guys here have the opportunity to be the among the first people outside of Oz
to actually say you heard these guys before they made it big!!!

my mate Corey recommended this one highly last week so i bought it and it doesnt dissapoint.
the songs here are for the most part quite dreamy with lovely sweeping melodies and great storytelling.
the songs sound familiar straight away yet are totally brand new and although they are predominantly guitar based a lot of the tracks
feature good strong piano sounds much in the vein of fellow aussies The Whitlams(a 90's band).
the fifth track "one way street" and track ten "how long" are the standout ones IMO, but not by much as there are no bad tracks in sight.
obviously, being a new release there are only a few links available but all four do the album justice IMO!
so enjoy.......

all in all a pleasant listening experience from go to woe!!!


1. majesty** "vevo"video

2. endless road** video

3. low on your supply** audio

4. creatures** audio

5. one way street***

6. not quite home**

7. walk that mile alone**

8. move on**

9. shot down**

10. how long***

11. everything is quiet**


rating: 2.0