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    i am always hesitant of buying 'cover' and 'tribute' albums, in fact i think i only own three or four at the most!
    but my cd store manager mate Corey recommended this one highly and also because it is a cover of Holly tracks i thought i'd give it a go,so here goes......

    Buddy Holly was only around some short eighteen months prior to his tragic death in a plane crash alongside other up and comers Big bopper and Ritchie Valens, but in that short period he managed to record an astonishing 200 songs. he was also way ahead of his time in not only being one of the originators of double tracking his lead vocals but also in recording his own vocals as backing vocals on makes me wonder just what else he would have pioneered had he lived on??

    anyway, this compilation contains an eclectic and varied group of artists(as seen on the cover art above!), most of the tracks are seasonable enough but sseveral are downright aweful. most notable tracks that fail to make the mark are by Paul McCartney himself and Nick Lowe...Macca just seems to try too hard instead of just letting the song flow out of him and Nick's track is just a carbon copy of the Holly original.
    i also thought Modest Mouse would have done better than their track but on the other hand i didnt think My Morning Jacket would have done as good a job as they did.
    Lou Reed's 'peggy sue' is typical of his style as is Patti Smith's 'words of love'.
    elsewhere Florence & The Machine does a reasonable job along with Cee Lo Green.
    but the best track here was a bit of a surprise for me and that is 'well,alright' by Kid Rock.

    overall, i was pleasantly surprised by the artists Macca got together for this outing and also by the majority of the tracks, i would have been nice however to have a few more obscure/lesser known Buddy Holly than the usual run of the mill well known hits...but at least this compilation shows the talent that was Buddy Holly,and just maybe, Buddy's music will be discovered and live on in a new generation of music fans!!!


    1. the black keys dearest** audio
    2. fiona apple everyday* audio
    3. paul mccartney its so easy*
    4. florence & the machine
    not fade away** video
    5. cee lo green baby i dont care*** audio
    6. karen elson crying waiting hoping*
    7. julian casablancas
    rave on*
    8. jenny o.
    im gonna love you too*
    9. justin townes earle
    maybe baby**
    10.she and him
    oh boy!** audio
    11.nick lowe changing all those changes*
    12.patti smith
    words of love** audio morning jacket true love ways*** audio
    14.modest mouse thatll be the day*
    15.kid rock
    well alright*** audio
    16.detroit cobras heartbeat*
    17.lou reed
    peggy sue**
    18.john doe
    peggy sue got married**
    19.graham nash raining in my heart** audio


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    Picked this one up first day it was out. I enjoy the entire album. Florence & The Machine's version of 'Not Fad Away' is very good and Kid Rock's rendition of 'Well All Right' is worth a repeated listen, but my fav has to be Justin Townes Earle's version of 'Maybe Baby'. Well worth buying.
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