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Thread: A modern day Clapton

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    I'm looking for a modern day Clapton (circa Bluesbreakers period) to listen to, potentially to go and see in concert too.

    Any suggestions?


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    I dont know about modern day, but i know BB King is always touring and Johnny Winters does from time to time and they're both amazingg to see still.. Also BB usually tours with a couple of other varying blues singers that always promises a good night =)

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    I second the BB King recommendation. Where are you located?

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    Cheers for the replies guys - i hope to get to see him some day.
    Am living in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the moment hijinks, where to be honest the music scene is a little ropey, although there are actually a couple of buskers who play blues music around the centre, with some amazing slide playing. Possbility of moving to London come the summer which should offer a lot more on the music front. How about you?

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