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Thread: Dead's Europe '72 Complete Set sold out all copies in four days.

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    Default Dead's Europe '72 Complete Set sold out all copies in four days.

    So now every capitalistic dork that got their hands on one is trying to make a quick $200+ over face value on EBay.
    The good news is, the band will make more copies of the set available at the MSRP of $450 for 73 discs.
    The Europe '72 Volume 2 disc set for release later this month will be much, much more plentiful.

    If you already have Hundred Year Hall, Steppin' Out, Rockin' The Rhein, and the original '72, you have an idea why this set is such a hot commodity.
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    7200 copies in four days.

    Not bad for a band that stopped playing 16 years ago...
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