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Thread: Gotye feat: Kimbra "somebody that i used to know"

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    Default Gotye feat: Kimbra "somebody that i used to know"

    this single was released in Australia by this relatively newish Aussie artist whilst i was in the US and have only just got round to checking out "new music" since my return.
    it was released the week i left for the US and last week displaced Adele at the top of the singles charts, it also debuted at #4 on the New Zealand charts this week.
    the song itself has a very mid 1960's ballad type feel to it, yet the music could well be compared to the slower moments of...
    dare i say it?...Ultravox and other early 1980's electronica type bands.
    overall i like it and it grows upon each listen and well worth you all clicking on the link provided, being Australian it may or may not get universally released but it has the potential to sell well worldwide if given the chance to do so!!!


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    Very nice recommendation Crazy-Head. Understated but catchy at the same time. Has moved onto the "buy it" list - listened to a couple more of Gotye's songs. Other bands that this reminded me of - XTC (senses working overtime) and the Shins (new slang).

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    Thanks for this, I like it .

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