Here are the latest news from Half Past Four:
Opening for Rush Tribute

After a great show on August the 5th, Half Past Four are returning to play at the Rockpile on September 18th. This time we are opening for a Rush tribute band My Favorite Headache. There is currently talk of Nero Zero (awesome L.A. rock band) playing as well. Please check our website for all the latest info about this event closer to the day of the show.

Return to the U.S.
Our bassist Les and guitarist Constantin represented HPF at the JetLag festival in July, along with our former drummer Michael Tolstikov. They are returning to the U.S. for another Russian camping festival show on September 10th. More info is available here:

There are still 31 days left to our Indiegogo campaign. We need your help to fund the creation of our next album.
More info about the campaign can be found here: and please spread the word.