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    I am a big rock fan but older stuff. Im 26 and grew up listening to Cream, Mountain, Ted Nugent. It seems now a days I cant find any good tabs or sheet music for some of the best from the groups. The other day I lestened to Mountain the song was "South Bound Train". Now I can't find any referances to this song except for the woodstock 69 performance. I want to learn how to play this song. There are videos of other people covering this song but I cant find and tabs or sheet music to it. SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE

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    How is your chord knowledge. Can you read an actual score/chart, or do you read tablature only? I ask as somtines you can find a score more easily than a tab. I found a tab site which required you to take a survey and give up your email address so I did not. However, if you have a junk email address use it at
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