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    Default Hi everyone

    Well not easy to introduce me so i put my bio i think is more simple ;)

    "New Dj producer of the Electronica/dance scene
    Steven Pierce have done in 2010 more than 48 remix on Katy perry, Usher, Lil Wayne...and more. For this year his Album is the priority, with the track "PARADISE(You)" he take the place with the bigest Dj producer in the world already 30 000 fans on facebook :
    More coming soon,
    STAY TUNED ! "

    Happy to be at board :)

    I think it is fair to say that you will be welcome as a member of MD BUT we are not willing to be used as a self promotion tool for your activities .
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    Wat up man. Welcome to the forum. I like the last name cause it's mine too. haha

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