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Thread: Need Fader for Logic!!!

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    Default Need Fader for Logic!!!

    So my software of choice is Logic and it's great but something I want is a fader to control stuff like automation. This would be way easier so I want some recommendations on cheap, simple faders to buy. I don't need a lot but ideally one with like 4.

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    Depends on what you want to spend. I would suggest a bitstream 3x controller. It has 8 faders, 35 pots, a ribbon controller (very handy for soft synths & effects), and a joystick as well as play/stop etc. Highly customisable and is pretty intuitive although it has a huge amount of programmable functions as well. A bit pricey but you will get your money's worth out of it. I use it to control virtual synths as well as syncing it (via midi), with real synths and as a control surface to mix EQ and automation (volume levels etc.). The joystick is also handy if you do surround mixing but that is an area I have not explored. I use it in conjunction with Samplitude 11 & Sonar X1. Last but not least it has a pretty robust design and you can mount it on a standard studio rack as well or just use it on a desktop.

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