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Thread: What Does Confetti Sound Like?

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    What Does Confetti Sound Like?

    After listening to the album for little over a month, Iíve decided what Ready For Confetti sounds like. Now we all associate our senses with the places that we sense things from. For instance the smell of good Mexican food linked with your favorite whole in the wall Mexican taqueria, or the feel of a leather baseball glove taking you back to playing catch in the front yard with your Dad. Well the sense of sound is no different. Ready For Confetti sounds like a lot of things. At some points it sounds like the Spanish country side as Rich Brotherton shows off his extremely talented and versatile abilities on the lead guitar. In a few songs REK, with his revered writing abilities, takes us to a campfire where we all huddle together for warmth telling each other our wildest stories. The band as a whole takes us to beach and invites us to kick back with guitar rifts and beats suited for the coast. Lastly, in places, Ready For Confetti sounds like your favorite dance hall where you and all of your friends gather to drink, dance, have a good time, and to get away from the troubles of the world. The same place you probably mustered up enough courage to ask a special someone to dance. Thatís what confetti sounds like. The act of letting go and tossing up a few hand fulls of confetti just to see the colors slowly fall to ground.

    Hope youíre Ready For Confetti!

    Because come August 30th youíll know exactly what Iím talking about.

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    Why the hell didn't you say it's a new one from Texas' best kept secret (not that he wants it that way)? Day-um it's Robert Earl Keen
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