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    Cool Lloyd- King of Hearts

    After a two year hiatus, Amerixan R&B singer Lloyd released his fourth studio album, "King of Hearts" (July 5). After parting ways with The Inc., Lloyd locked himself away in the studio with Polow the Don to craft a work that would be played years.
    After releasing three albums for The Inc. Records, Lloyd left the record label in 2009 due to creative differences. R&B singer Lloyd (aka Lloyd Polite Jr.) asked to be released from the label due to creative differences in July 2009. The Atlanta-born singer then spent the rest of the year and the early part of 2010 looking for a new home. Thanks to the success of the 2009 track "Bed Rock" -- a song by Lil Wayne's Young Money collective that featured a catchy hook by Lloyd and reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 -- early speculation had Lloyd headed to Young Money's crowded roster.
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