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Thread: Natural Elements' (A-Butta and L-Swift aka Swigga) releasing an album as 2Face Nation

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    Default Natural Elements' (A-Butta and L-Swift aka Swigga) releasing an album as 2Face Nation

    Former underground hip hop group Natural Elements members A-Butta and L-Swift (who now goes by the name Swigga) are close to finishing recording their new as of yet untitled album as 2Face Nation. They were a staple and influential voice in the 90s and early 2000s underground hip hop scene releasing singles for Tommy Boy and many successful independent 12" as Natural Elements. They also were featured on projects from Rawkus (Lyricist Lounge) and DJ Premier. The name 2Face is not new for A-Butta and Swigga as they released a 12 for NYC b/w Hey Hey Hey in 1996 under Blind Side Recordings. The two MCs always focused their attention towards Natural Elements but the group disbanded in 2001 after differences with their Tommy Boy resulted in their album not being released. For the last couple of years they have been recording together again and made their first initial announcement of their return on DJ Enuff's A List radio as well as kicked freestyles reminiscent of the radio performances that made them so popular on the NY airwaves years ago. Check the video below from DJ Enuff's A List radio and watch for yourself. 2Face Nation has signed a deal with music licensing company and label Beats & Rhymes/Audio Clutch which is operated out of the NYC office of DeWolfe Music. New album 2Face Nation album due for a Fall 2011 release.

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