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Thread: Looking for a R&B Song (i am 83% sure that its an R&B Song)

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    Default Looking for a R&B Song (i am 83% sure that its an R&B Song)

    Greetings world.
    I have a request.
    Lately an old classic song just keeps popping into my head and i cant seem to remember it.
    THe only details i can give you for the song are :

    1st : It was made some-time ago (After the year 2000 (maybe 2001, 2002,2003,2004.. dunno i forgot) but its not a song that came up in the last 2-3-4 years or so.

    2nd : I think it was performed by a (NOT RASSIST FOR SAYING THIS! ) female afro-american signer (which is soo popular but i cant remember her naaaaaaaaame T___T ) and i think she was featuring it with a afro-american rapper (also famous or atleast popular one)

    3rd : In the whole song there was a really-hard guitar solo going on.
    Na-na-na-na-naaaaaaaaaaaaa NA NA NA NA.. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and so on.
    You could say that the guitarist played only a short solo which was for 5-7 seconds and then repeat it over and over again. It was really awesome <3 (Maybe from a bass guitar or something like that... Not sure i am not introduced very much with guitar sounds etc)

    4th : The Genre was something like : hip hop also R&B !

    5th : Its still an awesome peace of work. Something that will totally make you go wild on the dance floor.

    That is all i can remember.

    Please help me :(

    I have been looking for a music forum in which to request help for my situation. As well as i didnt see a section in this forum for "helping with finding a song" or something like that but im really stuck :/

    P.S : I ain't some kind of "bot" so dont take me weird :D

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    I've moved this into the correct board.

    Your post is fine, but good though your description of the song is, I haven't a clue what it is.
    "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"


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    I don't know if you mean this one. But maybe it is.
    Your description reminds me a bit of 911 from Wyclef Jean and Mary J...

    Tell me if it is:)

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