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Thread: Epic Requiem For a Dream Quartet

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    Default Epic Requiem For a Dream Quartet

    what do you think?

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    Don't like it. Sorry.

    The lead Violinist can not keep in time when it speeds up. The celloist is also out of time in places. Fustrating to listen to in all honesty.

    Tony (Techman)
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    Wow. I really enjoyed that. Thank you for posting.

    Classical music is my favorite genre. While other genres are very dear to my heart, classical will always be my "go to."

    This was an extremely powerful and technical rendition. It was written and performed very well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will save this in my favorites.

    I really liked how each of the four instruments were isolated and pulled you into separate directions simultaneously. This was a some-what complicated piece, as written, and they pulled it off and were tight and solid.

    Thank you for posting this.

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