by now i guess all members are familliar with the Split Enz "beginners guide"...well someone must be as its had 111 views to date in the five days ive worked on it on the site.

you may or may not care and you may or may not be bothered about it....thats up to you guys, its probably my way of partly trying to introduce some members who are not familliar with their material, partly out of my boredom, and partly me being a bit egotistical...either doing it!!!

anyway, i have decided to break it up into manageable sections incase my interest wanes!

it will be compiled like this:

Split Enz(11 albums) and Crowded House(7 albums) will have their own "guides" as they are two distinct bands with their own styles of music.

the Finn's will have another "guide" toegether incorporating chronological release dates of all their albums(11 between them), it will also include the 2 albums made by Neil Finn under the name "7 worlds collide" with Eddie Vedder,Johnny Marr,Jeff Tweedy amongst others. and also Neil's son, Liam's albums(4 in total), 2 with Betchadupa and also his 2 solo albums, giving a total of 17 albums in this section.

hopefully i'll get through it within two or three weeks...if not, sue me!...and i must be stupid or something because im already contemplating my next project...MH did suggest Elvis to me(probably as a joke or a dare???), anyway im looking into the viability of such an extensive project as Elvis Presley. time will tell!!