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    after the demise of Split Enz, Neil Finn and Enz drummer Paul Hester went on to form one of the most accessable and successful bands ever to come from Australia/New Zealand.

    that band was Crowded House, they recieved wolrldwide praise for their straight classy pop melodies. Even the likes of Paul McCartney heaped praise on them for their songwriting abilities, and even once compared their songs in structure and style to his former band The Beatles...a great compliment from an ex-Beatle to bestow upon any artist!

    here, i will attempt to give a thorough overview of all their albums so far, and advise on which compilations,live cds/dvds are worth exploring!

    a taster of what is to come soon!

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    CROWDED HOUSE "crowded house" 1986.

    this is the first release by CH, i dont like to use the term "debut" for a new band whose members have been in other record releasing bands.
    this is the first of four classic albums in a row by these guys from south of the equator.
    there are songs of love, dispair, loss and hope on this one, from the mournful "hole in the river",dedicated to Neil Finns aunt who recently committed suicide...through to the ethereal anthem "dont dream its over". track 10: "i walk away" is a re-recording of a Split Enz track
    although the music is for the most part quite 'poppy' it there is a real feel of urgency and rawness in these tracks, the album spent two years in the Aussie charts after reaching #1 and there were five top 20 singles from this one(tracks: 1,2,3,4,6) with tracks 4 and 6 makine the top 10.
    this is a very good album showing Finn playing to his strengths.



    1. mean to me*** live video
    2. world where you live*** video live
    3. now we're getting somewhere*** video live
    4. dont dream its over*** video live
    5. love you till the day i die** live
    6. something so strong*** video live
    7. hole in the river** live
    8. cant carry on**
    9. i walk away** audio
    10.tombstone*** audio
    11.thats what i call love**


    rating: 2.5

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    CROWDED HOUSE "temple of low men" 1988.

    the followup to the hugely commercial sounding self-titled set.
    this one is the most un-commercial sounding album with Neil Finn in over a decade. and possibly his most darkest set of songs ever.
    the subject matter deals with infidelity,jealousy,greed,control and all the bad things associated with relationships, even the albums title refers to men who will do anything for sex. i wouldnt say the subject matter is graphic but it is certainly much so that when Neil's wife heard the album and more inparticular "into temptation" for the first time she was convinced he was having an affair!!!
    this album does however contain quite possibly the best song Neil has ever written...the classic McCartney-esque "better be home soon", a simplistic acoustic track that reached #2 on the aussie charts.
    Sister Madly is another strange one here, it just doesnt fit the album musically as its got a good upbeat jazz feel to it to liven up the album!
    the music on the album is sweet layed back and mellow which is in total contrast to the lyrical content. and it is not one that is instantly likeable, but it does grow over repeated listenings to become one of the strongest collection of Neil Finn songs on one single album, very much like Neil Young's "tonights the night".
    as a footnote, five tracks were lifted off this one as single releases(#'s 1,3,5,8,10).



    1. i feel obsessed*** video
    2. kill eye** live
    3. into temptation*** video
    4. mansion in the slums**
    5. when you come*** video
    6. never be the same*** audio
    7. love this life** audio
    8. sister madly*** live
    9. in the lowlands**
    10.better be home soon*** video live


    rating: 2.6
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    CROWDED HOUSE "woodface" 1991.

    firstly, im surprised this one scored 2.5, i really thought it would get somewhere around 2.8-2.9??? so i had to listen to it again just to make 2.5 it is!!??!!??
    this album was supposed to be a Finn Brothers project but as time went on it evolved into a Crowded House album and Tim Finn makes a welcome return to the fold alongside Neil, Paul Hester and Nick Seymour...and what an album it turns out to be.
    comparrisons to the works of Lennon/McCartney were in almost every review of the album at the time,worldwide.
    Paul McCartney even said that this album is the closest any artist has got to the quality of the Beatles material, it is almost flawless in music, lyrics,production,vocals...everything about it is great, and just like John and Paul, Tim and Neil showcase their best material when working together,or alongside eachother.
    almost every track here could have been released as a single,strangely enough though, the worst song on the album,Chocolate Cake, was the first single released, it failed in the US because of its theme: the US is full of gluttony and greed...its done done with malice but in the usual Finn Brothers way of tongue in cheek style, elsewhere there is the classic Neil ballad "four seasons in one day"....almost as good a s "better be home soon" off the previous album, and again very McCartney-esque,both tracks are the equal of anything Macca has written IMO.
    "all i ask" was adopted by the "aids awareness" campaign here in Australia...its as if the song was written specifically for that sort of message, and is one of the best songs Tim Finn has ever penned also.
    tracks like "its only natural", "fall at your feet", "how will you go","weather with you","four seasons..." and "as sure as i am" ahve the eternal quality that even upon first listening you feel as though they are familliar, and like the Beatles material they stay in your head long after hearing them.
    as i said earlier, im not sure why the score of this one is lower than i expected, guess it has something to do with the quality of these guys back catalogue, and had i given ratings in the 0.5 instead of whole marks, most of the 2.0's here would have got 2.5, thus boosting up the rating to the 2.8/2.9 i was on about.
    there were five singles lifted off this album(#'s 1,2,3,5,7), and primarily this album showed the world just how good Neil and Tim Finn are and composers,musicians etc!
    a must have album for anyone who enjoys well crafted pop songs without the sappy pop-pap!



    1. chocolate cake** video live
    2. its only natural*** live video
    3. fall at your feet*** video
    4. tall trees**
    5. weather with you*** live video
    6. whispers and moans** live
    7. four seasons in one day*** video live
    8. there goes god** live
    9. fame is**
    10.all i ask*** audio sure as i am***
    12.italian plastic** live
    13.she goes on** will you go/im still here*** audio


    rating: 2.5

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    CROWDED HOUSE "together alone" 1993.

    like most artists who have an album that works on all levels, the followup release is generally regarded as a disapointment, and this was no exception. it only reached a miserly #3 here in Australia,their lowest charting album ever and none of the five singles made the top 10...
    that does not mean this is a bad album, far from it, it is still a very good one in fact...just underated back in the day.
    once again, brother Tim has left the fold to concentrate on his own projects,the band are still coming off the high of the success of "woodface", Neil is starting to get itchy feet to do his own solo projects, Neil admits that at this time there was bitter in fighting which led to several bouts of punches being thrown in the studio(but the reason for this has always been kept in public discord to tarnish the band or its image). but reading between the lines i suspect it was of a proffessional nature rather than personal reasons.
    although the music is quite 'full on' at times it still comes across as being very atmospheric and emotive...sort of a cross between the sounds of "temple of low men" and "woodface"...therefore there are a lot of things to hear in the i go again...although not as eclectic as the Beatles "white album" every track is different and has something to get your teeth into, but it is not immediate, just like "temple..." it takes several listens to hear the true genius in the songs. "kare Kare" was recorded on a New Zealand beach, so all the sounds of seagulls, waves crashing etc is as was recorded at the time. and Neil seems to 'rock out' one one track on each album, this time it is "locked out", the lyrics of which seem to reflect the in house problems facing the band at the time.
    five tracks were lifted as singles off this one, they did get a lot of airplay but failed to sell in large quantities, id say this is due to bad timing as U2 were riding high with Achtung Baby and REM also had their "automatic for the people" album out at the same time which coincided with huge world tours and CH succumb to that hype.



    1. kare kare** live
    2. in my command** live
    3. nails in my feet*** live
    4. black and white boy** audio
    5. fingers of love*** live
    6. pineapple head*** audio
    7. locked out*** live
    8. private universe*** live
    9. walking on the spot**
    10.distant sun*** live video
    11.catherine wheel** feeling**
    13.together alone**


    rating: 2.4

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    CROWDED HOUSE "recurring dream-the best of crowded house" 1996.

    in 1995 Neil Finn went to work on a project with brother Tim entitled "finn", by the end of it he was positive that he wanted to go solo and do his own thing, thus Crowded House were disbanded. the band did get back together in 1996 to record three new tracks for a "best of" set, those tracks were "not the girl you think you are", "everything is good for you" and "instinct".
    this album contains 16 of the bands previous 20 singles(not a bad feat in 4 albums)..and everyone is a cracker...its one of the best greatest hits collections ever released IMO..not a dud in sight, even the three new tracks fit comfortably beside the older hits.
    Not The Girl You Think You Are*** is very Beatle-ish and the best of the three, the other two are good songs each rating "**".
    to finalise this breakup of the band CH went on a massive world tour to thank their fans for their support through the years which culminated in a free show outside the Sydney Opera House where inexess of 200,000 people gathered for the three hour finale.
    the video of this show was released in 2006 entitled "farewell to the world" and is worth seeking out as a visual accompanyment to this greatest hits package.
    as all links are available on the various albums posted thus so far i will only include the three new links here.

    Track Listings

    1. Weather With You ***
    2. World Where You Live***
    3. Fall at Your Feet***
    4. Locked Out ***
    5. Don't Dream It's Over***
    6. Into Temptation ***
    7. Pineapple Head ***
    8. When You Come ***
    9. Private Universe ***
    10. Not the Girl You Think You Are*** live
    11. Instinct ** live
    12. I Feel Possessed ***
    13. Four Seasons in One Day***
    14. It's Only Natural***
    15. Distant Sun ***
    16. Something So Strong***
    17. Mean to Me ***
    18. Better Be Home Soon ***
    19. Everything Is Good for You** video


    rating: 2.9
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    CROWDED HOUSE "afterglow" 1999.

    this posthemous(did i spell it right??) release is a collection of 10 unreleased tracks, a couple of b-sides and a demo version of "private universe"...and what a collection, as these tracks would make a lot of groups envious that Crowded House could throw these away or leave them off albums.
    it really shows the strength of Finn as a writer and performer especially on the simple acoustic tracks like: I Love You Dawn, Lester, "time Immemorial, and Private Universe...and i'll make the Beatle comparrisons again as their unreleased material was by and large worthy album material also.
    its a fine album that just sounds like another Crowded House album,anyone can pick this up and be assured that what they get is a quality record!...sorry about the lack of links for this one!!!



    1. i am in love**
    2. sacred cow**
    3. you can touch***
    4. help is coming**
    5. i love you dawn***
    6. dr.livingston**
    7. my telly's gone bung** audio
    8. private universe(demo)***
    9. lester***
    10.anyone can tell** audio
    11.recurring dream**
    12.left hand**
    13.time immemorial***


    rating: 2.3

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    Only albums of Crowded House I have are 'Woodface' & 'Recurring Dream- Best Of'. Despite that I'm a pretty big fan of Neil Finn but see Crowded House as more of a singles band than what I would call an 'album band'.
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    S'funny, I'm much the same. I have Temple of Low Men, & Woodface and love them both, but have never ventured further...
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    opinions...thats good guys,
    between you both, you have the three i would recommend without hesitation

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