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Thread: THIS is the greatest live album of all time (IMO........)

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    Exclamation THIS is the greatest live album of all time (IMO........)

    So, this has been one of my little musical crusades. I believe that Jerry Lee Lewis' Live at the Star Club, Hamburg is the greatest live album of all time. For some quick background, this album was recorded in 1964, a point in Jerry's career when he was lower than low. His backing band BARELY keeps up with him, as he turns standard 50's rock and roll into a grindcore, ludicrous speed. Jerry constantly is yelling/insulting the band (one hit wonders, the Nashville Teens) to keep up with his pace and has no mention name dropping himself into other artist's tracks.

    Kick out the Jams, At Folsom Prison, Live at the Leeds and other classic live albums show a certain energy and rawness to a band. Those albums mentioned above are candles, compared to the Great Chicago Fire that is Live at the Star Club.

    Here are some clips:

    "What I'd Say (Parts 1 + 2)"
    This is where you'll hear Jerry namedrop himself into Ray Charles' song. And at the start of part 2, you'll hear him yell at his backing bad.

    "Good Golly Miss Molly"
    This first video is the original version by Little Richard, recorded in 1958

    This is what Jerry Lee Lewis turned it into less than 6 years later on Live at the Star Club.


    So, if you haven't heard this before, what do you think? If you have, what's been your opinion of it?
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    Folsom Prison by JC is brilliant as is his San Quentin cd.

    Live At Leeds by The Who im glad you mentioned those!

    Neil Young "live rust" and "weld" are also classics

    Wings "over america" also

    CCR "the concert" brilliant!

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    I have the JLL Hamburg album, and whilst it's certainly a great record, I don't think it's the best Live album ever. If I had to pick a fave live album, it would probably be Complete Captured Live by Peter Tosh:

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    The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper

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    Kansas - Two for the Show
    Genesis - Seconds Out
    Jethro Tull - Bursting Out
    Rainbow - On Stage
    Superptramp - Paris
    ELP - Works Live
    Yes - Yesshows
    Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
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    Some of my favorite live albums ......

    David Bowie - Stage
    The Beatles -Live at the Hollywood Bowl
    Queen - Rocks Montreal
    ZZ Top - Live in Teaxas
    The Who - Live at Leeds
    Grand Funk - Bosnia
    Ani Difranco - Live at Clip
    Geoff Brown Live
    Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous
    James Brown - Sex Machine
    The Killers - Live at Royal Albert Hall
    Jerry Jeff Walker - Viva Terlingua !
    Led Zeppelin - How the West Was Won
    Supertramp- Paris
    Woodstock '69
    Jimi Hendrix - Live at the Fillmore East with Band of Gypsies
    Pink Floyd - Pulse and Delicate Sound of Thunder
    Santana - Lotus

    ...into infinity !...I love live albums ! Good choices guys !! Thanks for some new live recommendations ...and ET, I'll definitely be checking out the JL Lewis live album !!!...thanks
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    nice track Wanderer,
    if the rest of your material is of this quality you deserve all the success that may come you way

    my rating for the track above.... 7/10
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    Chicago at Carnegie hall..

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    B.B. King - Live in Cook County Jail

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    Mingus at Antibes

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