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    I'm currently doing my masters in product design and am working on my major project. I have a brief to create a media device with a UI with better usability than applications such as iTunes ect. the system will incorporate a touch screen and i am looking at the possibility of using technology such as the xbox kinect to provide a unique interaction experience.

    The focus of the project is not areas such as what formats it plays or how to download media or the cost of songs, but on how you move through the system and view your music.

    I need to collect as much qualitative feedback of areas such as:

    Current problems with navigation through the system?
    Main points of focus while using a system such as playlist creation?
    Any current problems or weaknesses in systems you may be using?
    How your music is displayed?

    Any information, views or observations you could provide would be a massive help to me.



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    thrice was enough dude
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    i know im just stressing about getting my work done! sorry if i have posted to much

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    I have a question for you!

    We at MD are more than willing to help people out .................however what will you be willing to do for us ?
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