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Thread: Robert Earl Keen Anybody?

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    Default Robert Earl Keen Anybody?

    So how many people have heard of Robert Earl Keen, REK?

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    i have read the name somewhere, but dont know who he is, sorry?!

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    So who is he ?

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    He is an artist from Texas that is dificult to place in one genre. If you were going to look from an album in store you would have to check country, folk, blue grass, but probably americana would put it best. The band has a great sound both the lead guitarist Rich Brotherton and bassist Bill Whitbeck are extremely versatile and talented. The current drummer used to be the drummer for the Dixie Chicks. But Robert Earl Keen is probably best know for his lyrics and what lies between them.

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    She's/He's pimpin'--3 posts in a week touting this album (BTW, it's terrif and I excerpted in one of the Threads.). She/He around anymore?

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