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Thread: 10 Most Influential Metal Albums Of '00s.

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    Default 10 Most Influential Metal Albums Of '00s.

    I tried to put my personal opinions aside for this one. It is in no particular order.

    1. Pantera - Reinventing The Steel
    2. System Of A Down - Toxicity
    3. The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed
    4. Neurosis - Given To The Rising
    5. Shadows Fall - The War Within
    6. Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
    7. Mastodon - Leviathon
    8. Between The Buried And Me - Colors
    9. Slipknot - Slipknot
    10. Eyehategod - Confederacy Of Ruined Lives

    Think I missed something great? Think there's something on here that doesn't belong? Feel free to share your thoughts or give me your top 10.

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    how about Opeth 'Blackwater Park'?

    or one of Iron Maiden's recent albums

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    The only one of those I have is the Slipknot debut. That's not bad...
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    I'd definitely have 1,2,4,6,7 on my list in no specific order!

    I would add these 5 in no particular order-

    1. Enslaved - Axiomi Ethica Odini.....start of writing straight singing songs with less death growls
    (from 2010 ...not sure if 2010 can be considered the 00s ? or would it start the 2000 teens - 2010, 2011, 2012, etc).)

    2. Eluveitie - Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion (2009) the best of the folk metal genre imo ...dark and ethereal

    3. Opeth - Watershed (2008) - includes the beautiful song - Coil

    4. High On Fire - Death Is This Communion (2007)...Matt Pike's straight singing vocals are impeccable !

    5. Anathema - A Natural Disaster (2003) Love this group and they're from Liverpool, home of the Beatles !!!

    6. Shining - Blackjazz (2010) (heavy metal put to jazz...check it out)

    7. Sunn O))) - Flight of the Behemoth (2003)...absolutely brilliant ambient's name comes from the actual Sunn Amplifier logo.

    Coykie, drop the 2 releases for 2010 if you wish. I'll still have 5 additions to yours. I have all of my choices in my CD collection !

    Keep up the good work with all the great posts ! Hope to hear from you soon.

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