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    Ok so awhile ago someone was courteous to send me "Certified Air Raid Material" by eDIT which was an amazingly heavy electronic album that I have yet to find a suitable sequel to. I was wondering if anyone could recommend me something else in this awesome subgenre.

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    Is this an official sub genre?
    Glitch Hop

    how would it be described?
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    I think I know what Glitch is: Electronic music with lots of clicky percussive effects.

    Presume that Glitch Hop is a Hippitty Hoppitty version of that ?!
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    Glitch Hop is hip hop beats with electronic glitch samples thrown in usually. Sometimes it has rapper vocals and other times it's instrumental music. The Glitch Mob is a popular group.

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    Crying Over Pros For No Reason by edIT is another great one. I think I like it more than CARM even. Also maybe check out PANTyRAiD and NiT GRiT.

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