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Thread: good albums to play video games too

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    Default good albums to play video games too

    i've been playing alot of little big planet lately while listening to "everything to nothing" by manchester orchestra, for some reason, some albums just are good for certain things, i notice that my music plays well to videogames but not so good in the car, while other albums are great for the car but bad for sitting around doing something else while listening to (i would use rage against the machine as an example here, although i had a great time playing gta4 to it, rampage!)

    fallout 3 goes great with hendrix, my favorite musician and favorite game lol, i love manic depression, im actually have some depression myself, inspired by jimi i wrote a song about it but its not nearly as good as manic depression

    karma police rocks for RE5 even though u kinda need the volume for it, if it were silent hill i wouldn't bother but it needs it, for me anyway .. i think im kinda rambling now

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    there is nothing that could enhance the pleasure of video games
    there is nothing to enhance
    x times 0 = zero
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    I can't really listen to music in combination with anything else. Music is a total immersion experience for me.

    I do play vid games, but music as well would just mean I'm not paying attention to the music.

    Horses for courses, though...
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