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Thread: Different recording styles?

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    Default Different recording styles?

    How was something like this recorded?

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    The recording used for this video was "tracking" by instruments. He plays with either a click track - aka metronome - OR with the song playing into his headphones.

    I would think the first track was the Piano/vocal track then the Guitar track and then the Violin track - videotaping each recording as well to splice/edit the videos together for the finished video presentation.

    More info on multi-track recording here:

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    Thanks for lovely and very clear presentation. I like it.

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    Thanks for showing different ways of recording. I really enjoyed it..

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    The documenting used for this movie was "tracking" by equipment. He performs with either a press monitor - aka metronome - OR with the tune enjoying into his earphones.

    I would think the first monitor was the Piano/vocal monitor then the Instrument monitor and then the Instrument monitor - recording each documenting as well to splice/edit the video clips together for the completed movie display.

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