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Thread: Best Ways to Find New Music?

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    Default Best Ways to Find New Music?

    hey, I was just wondering what some of you guys use to find new music that you like. I mean, I've used Pandora and I just signed up at lastfm but I was just wondering if there was any other ways to find music that you like. My main sources include my friends as well as my mom haha. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Finding New Music

    I find there are several ways...........

    • Direct contact with friends works up to a point

    • I like to find out about bands I like by reading and researching their backgrounds , this often lead one to find new bands and to find new sources of music.

    • Scan the CD cover follow the trails of people who session or guest on the tracks.

    • Look into the producers of he music you like : follow the trails to find out what else they have produced.............

    • Try going into youtube and put in a track you know follow the recommendations.

    • Record label genres: works better for some areas than others ...........For Jazz etc things like " Blue Note" tends to work well...........For soul try looking through the Tamla Motown listings and try the obscure ones .................I have done this for progressive labels such as Charisma, Harvest and Vertigo works well.

    • Try the bargain bins and buy something that you like the look of a for a few cents.

    • Listen or watch people you like being interviewed follow up their influences.

    • Try or contribute to our beginners guides........................

    • Watch or ask Music Ed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If it's a cover check who wrote the song , find the original.

    • Listen to the recommendations which are linked to the posts on MD there are so many posts with a link................
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    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    damn, I feel honored

    mucho thanks Mr. Gryph
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    pretty much the same as Gryphon does!!!!

    but number one on my list would be the "Listen or watch people you like being interviewed follow up their influences."

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    Being a member of this Music Discussion Group !!!!!!! I've been exposed to an immense amount of music knowledge sinced I joined about six weeks ago !!!

    THANKS GUYS !!!!! Keep up the Great Work !!!

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