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    I work in a school. The kids are aged 5-12, and they want to play some music. The 12 year olds however, love songs that involve blatant references to sex etc, and we don't want the 5 year olds to be walking around singing them. (it's disturbing to hear a 5 year old walk around singing about 'your peacock', let me tell you).

    I want to make a G rated play list, but it has to be modern songs or at least songs that have been featured on shows like Glee, or I'll be booed out of the school. :p So, even though I love G rated 'oldies' music, they'll shun anything older than 10 years I'm sure. Maybe I can sneak a little of it in, but that's it.

    Any ideas of G rated songs?

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    i dont watch Glee but i see the songs they do when they make the charts, and i agree thats a good place to probably start, maybe also dig out the original versions of the Glee covers, Glee have released around 6 or 7 albums, so there is a lot of material to pick from there.
    you could also try Pink, Black Eyed Peas,Aqua and Gwen Stefani tracks also,the majority of their songs are 'poppy' sounding and would be attracted to by youngsters in the 5-8 age bracket.

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