sure do hear the Vampire Weekend
female needs more lead vocals
surprised I didn't like this more as I like VW
probably needed a stimulant

Grade - 1.4

released June 7th

from the album - Saw You First - 2.0

from all music


Lafayette, LA-based indie rockers the Givers formed in the late 2000s around the talents of Kirby Campbell (drums/samples/vocals), Taylor Guarisco (guitar/vocals), Tif Lamson (vocals/percussion/ukulele), Josh Leblanc (bass), and William Henderson (synths/samples/vocals). Steeped in the culture and traditions of their native Louisiana, the bandís self-described ďAfro-beat, dancy pants, indie pop love music,Ē which relies heavily on the spirited back-and-forth vocals of Lamson and Guarisco, has been compared to bands like Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors, and Mates of State. The groupís eponymous debut EP arrived in 2009 on Valcour Records. In 2011, the band released its full-length debut In Light on Glassnote.

Album Review

Givers' 2011 full-length debut In Light fleshes out the dancey, hippie-leaning indie rock of the Louisiana band's self-titled 2009 EP. In fact, since the album simply adds five tunes to the EP, if you were already a fan you will certainly enjoy what the Givers have given up here. In many ways, In Light splits the difference between the peppy pseudo-Afro pop of Vampire Weekend and the percussive, improv-heavy dance rock of Local Natives. That might be a bit of a knock against In Light if it wasn't such an accomplished, ambitious debut. Rather than coming off as an indie rock also-ran, Givers sound genuinely influenced by a mix of Sonic Youth, Graceland-era Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, and My Bloody Valentine without ever really aping any of these artists. Part of that success comes from dual-vocalists Tiffany Lamson and Taylor Guarisco, who sound like Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig dueting with Chan Marshall, in the best way possible. Tracks like fizzy lead-off cut "Up Up Up" and the rambling, uplifting "I Saw You First" mix hummable melodies and positive lyrics over bright, serpentine guitar lines, light keyboard accents, and an ever-present rhythmic drive. Elsewhere, Givers delve into atmospheric and handclappy dance anthems like "Ceiling of Plankton," and deliver the expansive and yearning midtempo ballad "Atlantic." The track, much like the rest of In Light, is stunning and epic in scope.

Track Listing

1 Up Up Up Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 4:33
2 Meantime Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 5:02
3 Saw You First Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 5:07
4 Ripe Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 5:05
5 Noche Nada (A Lot from Me) Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 4:47
6 Ceiling of Plankton Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 4:20
7 In My Eyes Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 4:47
8 Atlantic Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 4:54
9 Go Out at Night Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 7:24
10 Words Givers, Guarisco, Lamson 5:33