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Thread: Will the 00's be remembered fondly?

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    Default Will the 00's be remembered fondly?

    Well,we're at the end of a decade and it's time to get the retrospectives out of the way.In 15 years' time,when radio stations start to play 00's music as retro, will we be embarrassed or pleased at how well it's held up?
    To be honest,I think it's been a very mixed decade.Lots of great stuff,lots of rubbish, and very little consensus on what was good and what wasn't.

    What do the rest of you think?

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    I think it will be remembered for the huge wave of popularity for Rap and RnB

    And also for the resurgance of popularity for Rock music, after dance music nearly killed it in the nineties.

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    its hard to see that far in the future IMO but i think Gothman may be right that it will be remembered for the huge popularity of Rap due mainly to Eminem bringing it home to make it cool for 'white kids' to identify with it.
    and Rock has made a comeback over the last decade.

    unfortunately this last decade could be remembered for the one that over-sampled music and used 'auto tune'.

    only the future will tell us what survives!

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