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    I was here once before to make an offer on Music-Discussion to buy the forum database to be able to merge it with a new project. When my offer was rejected I decided to give up, and concentrate more on my job, but now I'm back.

    Let me first introduce myself; I am Mike, a web designer and developer. I have developed my own forum software (Trasion forum software) in the past, and released it to only a select amount of people. I plan on possibly using this software to run the Music-Discussion forum if I'm granted permission to buy it.

    Yes, if I bought Music-Discussion, there would be changes made. My ultimate goal is to have a social network for music lovers of sorts. There would be the forums of course, where people can discuss music, but there would be a lot more added as well. Members profiles would be transformed to have more fields, and be more social network-like. It would be easier to connect with friends and bands. Another change would be a "Wiki", where people can make pages for bands and update it with pictures, songs, bios, and much more about bands.

    This is honestly not a scheme to take your database then change it into a money maker forum like I was accused of last time I was here. I'd appreciate it if comments this time were kept professional and not insulting me for my attempt to purchase this wonderful forum. This community is still growing, and I'd love to be able to expand it to an even greater level.

    I'd appreciate a response from the administrator here.

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    By the way, I'll put up 3 options for you guys to choose from.

    Option #1: You guys tell me no.

    Option #2: You give me a price, and I buy it and use it with my own hosting/domain. You can all continue to contribute to the community if you'd like, and techman won't have to pay for the hosting bill (better deal for him).

    Option #3: You give me a price, and I buy it, but you guys can keep your forum up too, I just want a copy of the database for beta testing and such.

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    hi Dialatic,

    may i suggest that to start off with you limit your communication/business propositions to PMing Techman as he is the owner of the site.
    he can then get imput from the moderators in the private area of the forum to avoid any unpleasantries on the public forum should they arise.
    then he can post developments on the public forum pages as he sees fit.
    Thank You

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    Could you please delete this then? Thank you.

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    sorry i took so long to get back on and reply Dialetic, but i wont delete it, Techman can delete it himself once he reads the posts so he can read all posts so as not to misunderstand what has been said here.

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    Welcome back Dude.....

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    I've e-mailed Techman about your revised offer. Further discussion will be directly with him.

    I've also closed the thread, for obvious reasons.
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