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Thread: International Day of Slayer

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    Default International Day of Slayer

    June 6th is International Day of Slayer, which I didn't know existed. Any Slayer fans here? What is your favorite song?

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    Dude, it's Slayer day today! Music Choice is playing blocks of Slayer right now, and it's sounding so good; Raining Blood!

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    I saw an awesome cover of "Raining Blood" on You Tube by an European metal band but I can't seem to remember who they were. I'd like to see the video again ! Can you help ?


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    sorry im not a fan of Slayer????
    heavy metal/hard rock groups have to have an individual sound for me to like them,ie: the likes of KISS,AC/DC,Guns N Roses,Slade, Led Zep, Iron Maiden do just that IMHO

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    Really? Where did you hear about this? I love Slayer and never heard of this event!!! ?? I missed it damn it.

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