not bad for the genre
some nice riffs and the screaming was intelligible

Grade - 1.7

released May 31st, 2011

from the album - White Rabbit - 1.5

from all music


Based in Memphis and named after one of its roads, hard rock group Egypt Central were formed by lead singer John T. Falls in 2001. After being signed to LAVA Records in 2006, the band entered the studio to begin work on its debut album. However, downsizing at the label led to the band being dropped before the album could be fully completed. Despite this, one of the tracks, "Over and Under," came to the attention of the WWE and was subsequently used in the film The Condemned. Regional radio airplay further bolstered the group's popularity, and Egypt Central eventually earned spots at Ozzfest and the Family Values Tour. Signing with indie label Fat Lady Music in 2007, the band returned to the studio to put the finishing touches on its album. The self-titled debut was scheduled for release in 2008.

Album Review

Lewis Carroll's children's book Alice in Wonderland seems to provide endless inspiration to filmmakers and songwriters a century after the fact, and here it has spurred the muse of a hard-rock band from Memphis, Egypt Central, for its second album, White Rabbit. That's not Grace Slick's "White Rabbit," or, rather, it is, in the sense that she got hers from Carroll, too. The LP does not recreate the surreal classic, but the band does use it as a central metaphor, the idea of following a seemingly innocent animal into a magical, scary world. Egypt Central's White Rabbit is all about loss of innocence, and the subtext may be the group's difficult history, having had a major label deal shot out from under them when Atlantic's LAVA division shuttered and having to spend years finishing their debut CD. That experience still seems fresh here, as determination becomes a major theme of the songs, alternating with a sense of despair that extends to the threat of suicide. It's the determination that wins out, for instance, on "Kick Ass," a song that also is likely to serve as a concert favorite. But "The Drug (Part I)" expresses the self-destructive side of the story. And so it goes throughout the record. Although the musicians -- Jeff James on guitar, Joey Chicago on bass, and Blake Allison on drums -- play often furious hard rock, the mix allows few of singer John Falls' lyrics to be lost. He has a message to convey, even if it is a conflicted one. It may be that the release of the album itself tips the balance between resignation and persistence, and the songs, full of sing-able (and shout-able) choruses, are likely to come off as more triumphant than defeated in concert. After all, the song called "Surrender" really declares there will be none.

Track Listing

1 Ghost Town
2 White Rabbit
3 Goodnight
4 Kick Ass
5 Change
6 The Drug (Part 1)
7 Down In Flames
8 Enemy Inside (Part 2)
9 Blame
10 Dying To Leave
11 Surrender
12 Backfire