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Thread: How influential was the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows"

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    Default How influential was the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows"

    I got this information on this influential track.

    50 Most Influential Dance Records of All Times Muzik Magazine

    50 Most Influential Dance Records of All Times
    1) The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" (EMI 1966)
    (Revolver L.P.)
    Every idea ever used in dance music exists in this song. The first track recorded for the epochal Revolver L.P., Tomorrow Never Knows (the title lifted from the Tibetan Book of the Dead) was an acid-soaked masterpiece of prime psychedelia. Distorted guitars, Lennon's treated vocals, endless overdubs and the backwards drum loops all prefigure in some way the idea of sampling technology, while the group's interest in transcendental meditation - letting yourself be transported, disorientated, tripped out lies at the heart of everyone's club experiences. Recorded amazingly, only three years after the saccharine pop of She Loves You, this is untouchable genius.

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    I think you have posted an interesting post here but it does need a little support in areas

    • "the saccharine pop of She Loves You" coy and twee maybe but saccharine it was not

    I think if you listen again to this you were here a band working under restriction of an EMI producer but still able to project drive and energy .........listen to the song's guitar work and to the vocal punch...................however, you had to be there to realize how different this was from what was in the charts/music scene at the time.

    • "backwards drum loops" I have studied the Beatles for along time and as far as I'm aware , that is the one thing that is not tampered with. Ringo essentially did that live............what you here is the clever production work of George Martin....I have one or two outtakes on bootleg or Anthology and they show Ringo is able to reproduce that essentially with a few differences each time............most of the other things are tampered with but not that..............there are one or two drum parts on the tape loops used to assemble the whole things but the core of the drumming is Ringo!

    • group's interest in transcendental meditation At the time of recording this was not mainstream with The 66 John was into comparative religions and hence the " The Book Of The Dead" references in the lyrics.............The transcendental things were not yet ripe and followed in 1966..........incidentally the first influences came from the Beatles girlfriends at the time!

    • Serious academics who study the 60s music phenomenon point to another rack as having the basics of the things you describe as well and this may also be a candidate...........Its All Too Much" is just as strong a candidate for he title and is actually of he correct date.........musically.However George has played this down at times but it does actually ave many of the characteristics under discussion here.
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    It's a mixed up sensation this being alive
    Oh! it wears a man down into the ground
    It's the strangest elation
    I can't describe it
    Oh it leaves a man weary
    It makes a man frown.
    .............................Chris Simpson ( "Mixed Up Sensations" 1975 Martin's Cafe )

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    Right On !, Gryph !

    I ,like yourself...I think, am a Beatles enthusiast. I scoff at people like a few friends that dismiss pre Rubber Soul/Revolver albums as " teeny bopper " music. They were changing the face of early rock n' roll and steadily evolving in the early 60s.

    Will there ever be such a forceful popular music group ? Not in my lifetime for sure. The reason I use " popular music " is because their songs are remembered by a large section of the music listening population more so than any other group. Most people that know Beatle tunes singalong to them from start to finish...... say around a campfire. I can't imagine this happening to the music of other pop groups. Thus the term "pop" even though you definitely can't say they were a pop group only.
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    Within You Without You is another ethereal track like TNK ...way ahead of anyone else at the time !

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    good thread guys!

    i'll put my 2c worth in now...

    even things like "love me do" sounded different to everything else coming out of the UK at that time:

    back in the day Lennon/McCartney and Harrison were the best song writers around, and Harrison was the best guitarist around also, what they did with music and lyrics were superior to everyone, everyone goes on about how good "pet sounds" was, sure its a good album but the Beatles left it for dead.
    as SteveO said, mostly everyone knows Beatles songs, im pretty sure only Elvis can compete with that

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