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    Hey all!

    Hi guys how goes? I have a synth, rythem machine and sampler and loads of ideas to go with it, but what i need is a program that i can record onto so i can actually write a song and put my ideas together ( i know this sounds nooby!). Any1 know of any good and preferably free software programs for this sort of recording and editing? Thanks!

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    One of the guys you need is Jerome, and he's en vacance in Paris for the next week or so. Wait for his return.

    Any of our other members may also be able to advise...
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    Music composing software makes it easy for the beginners to go through, mark and give instructions without influencing the original score. Apart from allowing you incisively tuning up the notes and processing the effects and the dynamics, the music composing software also aids you evaluate your singing, record, edit, modify and print sheet music.

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