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Thread: so, music, whats that about then?

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    Lightbulb so, music, whats that about then?

    Evening all,

    Simple question, why do you listen to music? Saying because I enjoy it is a cop out so please try and explain why you enjoy it. do it make you feel good when you are down? Does it helpbyou to rage at the system? Do you use it as a social tool to interact with others, or even assign yourself to a social place ie a goth, a rapped etc

    Would be interesting to hear your thoughts



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    Hi Syn........I listen to music to get into a better mood....Can't sing for taffy...but I do it anyway,before I know it....feeling fne !

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    I listen to occupy the minds of people far more qualified than I am to create amazing sounds, emotions, impressions etc.
    "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture"


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    i listen for all sorts of reasons, helps me rage when im in the gym, calms me down as well. nothing like music to help you through difficult times, figured that one out very recently..

    Can make me feel safe, i know it doesn't make sense, but it doesnt make it any less true.

    lol Cindy about the singing, i know the feeling. i cant sing for taffy either, used to be until my voice broke, then it when to hell.

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