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Grade - 1.7

released May 31st, 2011

from the album - Post Break-Up Sex - 2.5

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Infectious London-based indie rock outfit the Vaccines formed in the late 2000s around the talents of Justin Young (vocals, guitar), Anri Hjorvar (bass), Freddie Cowan (guitar), and Pete Robertson (drums). The quartet, which has drawn comparisons to everyone from Surfer Blood and the Drums to the Strokes and the Jesus and Mary Chain, released its debut single, ďPost Break-Up Sex,Ē on Columbia Records in February 2011, in anticipation of a full-length studio album later in the year.

Album Review

The Vaccines suffer the slings and arrows of those who consider the well-heeled rockers fake indie, a criticism that has dogged bands long before the Strokes, who do seem to have been a pivotal group in this London bandís life. Still, those critics do have a point: the Vaccines' debut, titled What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? with a self-satisfied shrug, does bear the air of studied affectation, the bandmembers lazily splicing their favorite record collection together into a cool droning pulse. Itís plainly lifestyle music for Young Turks who need a soundtrack for their disengagement yet are too worried to play something that alienates for fear that they just may not get laid. What Did You Expect has just enough style to attract suitors of either sex but its attraction is shallow and fleeting, pasted together from other, better familiar elements stretching from the Arctic Monkeys to the Smiths and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Itís style for miles and miles unencumbered by hooks and accentuated by an attitude that carefully practices disdain for its audience, so if youíre not inclined to buy into their gait thereís not much reason to stick around.

Track Listing

1 Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) Vaccines 1:21
2 If You Wanna Vaccines 2:54
3 A Lack of Understanding Vaccines 2:58
4 Blow It Up Vaccines 2:36
5 Wetsuit Vaccines 3:50
6 Norgaard Vaccines 1:38
7 Post Break-Up Sex Vaccines 2:54
8 Under Your Thumb Vaccines 2:20
9 All in White Vaccines 4:33
10 Wolf Pack Vaccines 2:23
11 Family Friend Vaccines 8:30