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    Default Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music

    pleasantly surprised at this one
    yes, some of that modern country
    but some excellent songs too
    love the CMA clip, with the name dropping to other artists at the end

    Grade - 1.8

    released May 24th, 2011

    from the album - This Is Country Music

    from all music


    Contemporary country singer/songwriter Brad Paisley was born October 28, 1972, in Glen Dale, WV; given his first guitar at age eight, he delivered his first public performance at church two years later. With his 50-something guitar teacher Clarence "Hank" Goddard and two of the older man's seasoned musician buddies, the teenaged Paisley formed his first band, the C-Notes, and at age 12 began writing his own material. After performing in front of the local Rotary Club, he was invited to appear on Wheeling station WWVA's famed Saturday night broadcast Jamboree USA. Paisley's debut was so well received that he was invited to join the program full-time, and in the years to follow he opened for the likes of the Judds, Roy Clark, and Little Jimmy Dickens. He later attended Nashville's Belmont University, serving an internship with ASCAP; the contacts Paisley made there helped him land a songwriting deal with EMI, and he also appeared on countless demos.

    Signing to Arista, he issued his debut solo album, Who Needs Pictures, in 1999. The record produced two chart-topping singles in "He Didn't Have to Be," an ode to loving stepfathers, and "We Danced" and also earned generally positive reviews for its diversity of country styles. In the meantime, Paisley recorded a duet with Chely Wright, "Hard to Be a Husband, Hard to Be a Wife," for the Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry compilation; the two later collaborated on several songs for Wright's Never Love You Enough album. The sequel to Paisley's debut, Part II, was released in 2001 and promptly returned him to the Top Five with "Two People Fell in Love." "I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song)" gave Paisley his third chart-topper, and "Wrapped Around" fell one spot short of becoming his fourth. "I Wish You'd Stay" became the fourth Top Ten hit from the record in early 2003.

    At the beginning of August 2005, Paisley put together a short "director's commentary" preview of his next album for his fan base to download. The full album, Time Well Wasted, appeared two weeks later and narrowly missed the top of the album charts, though it did hit number one on the country charts. In 2006 Brad Paisley Christmas, a collection of both originals and covers, came out, followed by 5th Gear in 2007, which included the ubiquitous "Ticks," a sure future novelty classic. An album of mostly guitar instrumentals (Paisley's excellent guitar playing is a big part of his appeal), Play, followed in 2008, with the big country vocal hit "Waitin' on a Woman" added in as a "bonus" track. By now poised at the very top of the commercial country world, Paisley released American Saturday Night in 2009. American Saturday Night was greeted to Paisley's strongest reviews yet and generate the hit singles "Then," "Welcome ot the Future" and "Water." Paisley bought some time with the 2010 Hits Alive--a double-disc divided into one live set and one collection of hits--and then returned with his seventh collection of new songs This Is Country Music in May 2011.

    Album Review

    Consciously backpedaling from the all-encompassing embrace of American Saturday Night, Brad Paisley narrows his definition of what constitutes modern country on his seventh collection of new songs, This Is Country Music. Gone are the casual multiculturalism, the allusions to the age of Obama, the subtle instrumental flourishes that suggested a world outside of country; whenever Paisley chooses to broaden the horizons on This Is Country Music, he brings in Don Henley to duet on a power ballad or kicks up the reverb for a bit of landbound surf-rock. From the album title right on down to a rousing tribute to “Old Alabama” -- a tribute so clever it seamlessly references a handful of the band’s '80s hits, its chorus playfully inverting “Mountain Music,” then enlists the group to sing the punch line -- Paisley celebrates the strict confines of country, gently bending its topical borders but adhering to country customs so strictly he even convinces Clint Eastwood to whistle a Morricone melody on a spaghetti Western instrumental tribute to the actor. Here’s where Paisley’s skills as a craftsman come into play. Always a traditionalist -- the kind who saluted the Grand Ol Opry by regularly having Bill Anderson and Little Jimmy Dickens come out to do some cornpone humor on his albums -- he builds a song with care but is keenly aware that he’s living in 2011, not 1965. Even when he’s determined to rein in his ambition, his music is rich and surprising. His silly novelties (“Camouflage” and “Be the Lake”) are underpinned by a sly sense of humor not readily apparent on their hammy choruses; he has an eye for details, whether it’s how a relationship builds (“Toothbrush”) or how a soul erodes in this modern world (“A Man Don’t Have to Die”); he opens the album by singing “You’re not supposed to say the word cancer in a song,” then breaks that very rule a few songs later; his twanging Telecaster may echo back to Don Rich, but is equally indebted to the shredders of the ‘80s. Paisley’s determination to keep This Is Country Music lean and lanky does mean it’s not as wily as his other records, but his consummate skill as a musician and big heart are always evident, always keeping things compelling.

    Track Listing

    1 This is Country Music Dubois, Paisley 5:11
    2 Old Alabama Dubois, Owen, Paisley, Turnbull 5:01
    3 A Man Don't Have to Die Rutherford, Teren, Thompson 4:19
    4 Camouflage Dubois, Lovelace, Paisley 4:26
    5 Remind Me Dubois, Lovelace, Paisley 4:31
    6 Working On a Tan Dubois, Lovelace, Paisley 4:04
    7 Love Her Like She's Leavin' Dubois, Gorley, Paisley 4:08
    8 One of Those Lives Lovelace, Miller, Paisley 4:13
    9 Toothbrush Henderson, Shewmake, Simpson 3:09
    10 Be the Lake Dubois, Gorley, Paisley 3:56
    11 Eastwood Arthur, Marcy, Paisley 5:01
    12 New Favorite Memory Arthur, Paisley, Rogers 4:12
    13 Don't Drink the Water Owens, Paisley 3:46
    14 I Do Now Dubois, Owens, Paisley 4:00
    15 Life's Railway to Heaven Traditional 4:52
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    Thanks for the inside on Brad Paisley! He is my favorite country singer. I actually never read his bio before. He is actually only 10 years older than myself, and has my father's birthday! I never knew that before. I heard a few of his new songs, but not all of them. Thanks for the link!

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    Saw him on The Voice last night ! Good country family loves em !

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