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Thread: my morning jacket "holdin' onto black metal"

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    Default my morning jacket "holdin' onto black metal"

    good new single from the Kentucky band from their soon to be released album "circuital".

    nice new variation to their sound, probably the most commercial sounding single they have released, could be a sizeable hit for them this time round.

    the album was recorded in a church hall somewhere in Louisville,Ky, the band and vocals were recorded live in one take with few overdubs in the final mix....cant wait to hear the album!

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    trying to make an assessment of that
    didn't "grab" me, so that's probably good
    didn't repel me, so that's even better
    not sure I like the out front horn
    but even that could grow

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    I remember Weezer releasing Death to False Metal recently - I see, metal certainly doesn't leave indie rockers indifferent.

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