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Thread: Anybody like David Sylvian?

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    Default Anybody like David Sylvian?

    I just can't get into his music, apart from a few that everyone loves, like 'Forbidden Colours'. He's worked with a lot of musicians I like, Holger Czukay, Robert Fripp, Jon Hassell, Fennesz, Evan Parker and obviously Ryuichi Sakamoto. I even like some of his fellow Japan member Mick Karn's solo output. So he's collabariting with musicians I like but somehow making music that does nothing for me.

    Someone, help me out, what am I missing? Point me towards his best music. Or is it a case of all his stuff being pretty similar and you either love it or hate it.

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    im guessing this may be a question that Jerome is an expert on and will answer in detail for you

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    Thx for the vote of confidence CH, but alas, I have a very limited knowledge of Mr Sylvian and I have to agree with OKC1 - some of it I just can't get into????

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