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Thread: Another Fallon Classic

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    Default Another Fallon Classic

    like the singing better than the talking part
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
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    hahaha! LMAO...Fallon is the funniest guy ive seen from America in years...apart from Sheen(mr.adonis dna guy)

    oh yeh, i still go back and watch that Boss/Neil Young(fallon) Whip My Hair clip on youtube at least once every couple of weeks

    Fallon is so multi talented...he has a long career ahead of him

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    ...Which has culminated with him being the new HMFIC (to be defined only via PM) of that storied franchise, The Tonight Show. Moved it back to NYC for the first time in 40+ years, kept The Roots Band (OMG good) and basically doing it 'til he's satisfied. Revitalized and he's got the total package to kill. Available next day at your leisure on Hulu, I believe...maybe elsewhere.

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