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    How is everyone's day going?

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    Welcome to MD, please tell about your music taste, a bit about yourself, wher you are from etc?

    my day?

    going well so far thanks

    im sitting here reading through the threads pondering on weather or not to do some work.

    i had a nice lay in this morning under 7am, much better then 5am. easy travel into work.

    so yeah nice at the moment, rest assured that some a-whole will come a spoil it for me


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    Hey Folks,

    I'm also newbie here. I was searching for such kind of music forums and I found this forum.

    Hope, I will enjoy my stay here.

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    Hi Y'all, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    Hope you like it here. Get posting & enjoy !!

    My day:

    - Decent day at work, although a bit tired following a lateish night at a local restaurant.

    - Just arranged to have my turntable (You remember those !! They play the big, black, plastic, music thingies) repaired and serviced. Quite expensive.

    - I'm on-line now, but will settle down soon to listen to some small, shiny, plastic-with-aluminium-substrate, music thingies.

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    I'm Peter. Call me PJ. I like Alternative and Hip hop music. I'm from Los Angeles. and I am currently stuck at work till 3 :/

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